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White Sox great Bill Melton, Mark Fletcher, and Rich at the "Total White Sox" booth.
Sox Fest 2007
After nearly five decades of waiting, a White Sox World Series championship to savor!
October 2005
Rich and Steve Monroe, crime novelist and author of "57 Chicago" and "46 Chicago"
Steve and Rich were co-presenters of a Society of Midland Authors seminar on true crime and detective writing at the Chicago Athletic Association.
January 2004
Rich and Mary Powers
Mary Powers, outgoing President of the Illinois Academy of Criminology, hands over the gavel of office to Rich during swearing-in ceremonies at ILLACD's annual Spring Institute Dinner at the CAA.
May 2004
Rich, Former Illinois Senator Paul Simon, and Charlie Soo
Asian American Small Business Association Luncheon
Governor George Ryan, author Gera-Lind Kolarik, and Rich
Illinois State Library Autumn Book Fair
Stella Pevsner, John Callaway, Rich, Jim Schwab
Society of Midland Authors
1998 SMA Awards Banquet
Sox Great Billy Pierce, Rich, and organist Nancy Faust
Book Signing for Stealing First in a Two-Team Town
Lindberg and Lincoln
Illinois State Book Fair
Rich debating Cub author and fan George Castle about Chicago's "Baseball Wars" at the Niles Library.
Channel 32 was on hand to film the Sox-Cub contretemps.
February 2006

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